Learning that your child has special medical needs or a disability can be a traumatic experience. Parents often find their greatest support in other parents who are in a similar situation. Shared Blessings, Inc. is a grassroots parent network and community playroom providing a place for families of special needs children to find information and social support. We believe that parents can share, laugh and learn from each other. Support through education, social and play opportunities helps to empower parents to face the challenge of helping their child grow within their school and community.

Just as every child with special needs is unique, so too is each parent, family member, and caregiver. People find emotional support in their own way. Many parents find talking with others who face similar challenges to be enormously helpful. This can happen through one-to-one conversations, participating in a support group, or attending a social or educational gathering.

Marathon County has been without a resource for families with special needs children to go for play and socialization. Shared Blessings fills that void—creating a place where families of special needs children can come together.